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Dreamers and doers

The Revolution

Every child is an artist, the problem is staying an artist when you grow up,” Picasso once observed, a truth we embrace at Dream by Children.

Our revolution is about more than joy and imagination; it’s about creating a sanctuary where play and technology intertwine, where every child’s sketch of imagination strengthens the fabric of a future we dare to dream together.

The Role of the Child

Within this revolution, the child is both muse and architect. Our movement cherishes their innocence as the heartbeat of innovation. We safeguard innocence while empowering the young to dream and drive change. It’s not just play; it’s the pulse of progress.

Where the smallest dreams build the grandest worlds.

Childhood Guardians

Because every child deserves a realm in this grown-up world. It’s their right, their space to soar. At Dream by Children, we don’t just create spaces; we’re stewards of wonder, crafting sanctuaries where young imaginations are the heartbeat of tomorrow and dreams can take flight.

The Dreamer

In every child lies a universe of possibilities, and at Dream by Children, we are not just shaping a playground but are birthing a new cosmos of kindness, wonder, and boundless potential.

Future reality

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Dream By Children is supported by University of Cambridge and Harvard Medical School



Architects of Tomorrow's Playgrounds: Crafting Dreams into Reality

Mia Jerkovic

Big Dreamer, Small Innovator, and Igniter of Children's Creative Passions

Mia Jerkovic, with her rich tapestry of educational and professional experiences, stands at the forefront of advocating for children’s creative empowerment. She is a University of Cambridge Judge Business School EMBA candidate as of September 2024. Mia’s academic journey includes Master’s degree in International Business from HULT, complemented by a foundational Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Management. Transitioning from academia to the professional realm, Mia’s career is marked by a tenure as the Head of Marketing & PR at the University Eye Hospital Svjetlost. Here, she pioneered the establishment of the marketing department, extending its influence across five countries. Her innovative approach to weaving narratives around patient-doctor relationships has significantly eased the apprehensions surrounding medical procedures, showcasing her ability to engage and reassure diverse audiences.

At “Dream by Children,” Mia’s vision transcends conventional boundaries. Her commitment to nurturing childhood creativity is not just about fostering artistic talents but about empowering children to explore, imagine, and engage with the world in meaningful ways. Mia is dedicated to creating a vibrant network that not only supports children’s creative endeavors but also aims to build a lasting legacy. Her work is a testament to her belief in the transformative power of creativity, envisioning a world where every child is empowered to shape their future and contribute to a global legacy of innovation and imagination.

Nawell Mossalli, M.Ed

Visionary Educational Strategist, Loving Mother and Passionate Advocate for Children's Development

Nawell Mossalli, M.Ed, is at the forefront of educational innovation, with over 20 years of experience in crafting environments that ignite the curiosity and holistic development of children. Her journey in education is marked by leading a variety of schools, with signature programs including STEAM, NGSS Science, Community Service Learning, Week Without Walls travel experiences, Robotics, and Destination Imagination, each reflecting her dedication to blending rigorous academic content with engaging, hands-on learning experiences.

A recognized figure in educational safety and innovation, Nawell also consults for an AI educational platform, infusing her strategies with cultural sensitivity and a global perspective. At the helm of Dream by Children, she envisions a cutting-edge, AI-enhanced sanctuary that nurtures children’s curiosity and well-being, demonstrating her commitment to revolutionizing education with technology and hands-on learning.

Marriam Mossalli


Marriam Mossalli, founder of Niche Arabia is celebrated for her impactful work in the fashion industry and women’s empowerment. Marriam’s advocacy for Middle Eastern fashion was recognized by Michelle Obama, and her initiative “Under the Abaya” supports female entrepreneurs, embodying her commitment to uplifting women. Her inclusion in the prestigious BoF 500 list and in the “50 Most Influential Saudi Women in Business” marks her as an industry luminary.

Robert D’Ambrosio


Robert D’Ambrosio stands at the intersection of entrepreneurship and global wellness as the founder of Helias and the mental health platform Asfar. His vision extends into his role as a Director at Greentech United, where he champions sustainable solutions for a healthier planet.
With a notable history of collaboration with global brands like Lululemon Athletica and Saks Fifth Avenue, Robert has leveraged his expertise in large-scale mergers and acquisitions to drive growth and innovation.

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